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[Albion] FA Cup Semi-Final v Man Utd - 4:30pm, Sunday 23rd April


Well-known member
Mar 23, 2023
STH Priority 1's you have 1 hour 55 minutes, go go go!

Personally I have an agonising wait over the weekend until 2pm!


I've asked for soup
Jul 2, 2008
Got a group of us wanting to go - about 7/8 - 4 of which are STHs in Priority Window 3.

Waiting until the 6th April then.

Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
May 8, 2018
does anyone actually have a ligament reason why it’s taken so long to announce it?? it’s definitely not marathon related as that’s planned at least 2 years in advance…. we know utd are in europe and on the thursday so was always gonna be the sunday just wondering what’s actually held it up

Don’t see how they have a leg to stand on personally.

Biscuit Barrel

Well-known member
Jan 28, 2014
Does anyone have the information with regards to the amount of loyalty points needed for each season ticket holder priorty window? Can't seem to find it.


Plastic JCL
Sep 14, 2016
Is that how it works? I took 'Guest' to mean non-STH holder.

Ie "I'm a STH, my mate isn't so we'll wait until 6th April and see what's left"
I'm just making an assumption, based what they said, that the ones that weren't P3 were not STH which would explain why they were waiting for the guest window.

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