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[Football] Do All Those ‘BRIGHTON’ Fans on Here With a ‘Soft Spot’ for Arsenal Still Want Them to Win the Title?


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Jan 3, 2012
Firstly, I really don’t get how people feel they can question other people’s feelings about who might win the league, which seems to be what’s going on here……. Not that I’m that bothered about it.

But I’d rather Arsenal or City win it than Manure (lifelong detestation) or Newcastle (Eddie Howe and filthy money).

Feb 23, 2009
Brighton factually.....
Meh, don’t care
City or Arsenal, United, Liverpool, Tottenham (snigger) Chelsea (puke) and Newcastle (disdain)
all the feckin same, the media love them, build them up, I wish they would feck off to some Super Mega Rich Super League, now theres an idea !!

This league is a closed shop to be honest, a promised land full of hopes and dreams, that are kept in check by wealth.
There is no fair play, there’s hope, and the occasional bloody nose, but the minute you show aptitude and guile, money will put you in your place….

Just like the class system in life, the sad thing is that we the supporters of teams like ours, Brentford, Fulham and even Dirty Leeds, never learn, we will forever only fleetingly feed at the top table, whilst the aristocracy watch, wince, and finally decide your time is done, your threat is real, we will dissect you…

Greg Bobkin

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May 22, 2012
I'm as completely neutral as any right-thinking Manchester United-hater can be, and if I have a preference for any team to win the title it would be Arsenal on the basis that I'm fed up with City and their oil money dominating the league. Arsenal are no worse than any other club when it comes to trying to get players from other clubs. Didn't City try to get Cucurella from us for a bargain price?
This. I also love the fact that, at the beginning of the season (and still now) people had written off Arsenal - for that reason I'd like them to win it.

Other than that, I can't really contain my indifference and the only thing I'd REALLY like to see is a Brighton win at the Emirates. Because I'm, y'know, a Brighton fan...

Neville's Breakfast

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May 1, 2016
Oxton, Birkenhead
Arsenal can f*** off.
Awful, plastic, entitled fans. So many have crawled out the woodwork again and I'm sure they'll crawl back if they fail to win the league.
This. Not long since they were trying to hound Arteta out of the club. The ones born and bred in Sussex and with no links to North London can f*** right off, particularly when trying to take the reflected glory.


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Jul 5, 2003
The best thing about whoever wins the league, you can ignore them and have a good laugh at fans of the 'other 6'.

Having said that, if Arsenal get it wrong from here it would be the funniest moment in many years. Especially for their army of Twitter fans that couldn't find their way to The Emirates if their life depended on it.

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