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[Albion] Dale Stephens appreciation thread


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Apr 5, 2017
Probably one of our most important signings in recent history. Didn't play a single game under Hyppia (due to injury presumably), only missed one game the following season (when we finished 3rd) and only missed two games in our first PL season (and played every minute in the other 36 games). It's a remarkable record.

Gave a balance to the midfield and was arguably the first signing of the new look Albion side (with players like Kayal, Baldock, Hemed, Knockaert etc. coming after) that would eventually get us promoted to the promised land.


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Feb 6, 2019
Had a knee injury apparently which has factored into his decision to retire.

Vital player for us in that promotion side and then the team that stayed up in the PL. Scored possibly the lowest overhead kick ever seen in a game against QPR (40 seconds into video below). Obviously we will gloss over his Rameriz murder.

Haha! Gaston Ramirez must be still suffering from Stephens' GBH


Jul 7, 2003
We got the best years of his career and mighty fine years they were.

It used to infuriate me when I heard others berating him and saying he only passed backwards and I always made a point of pointing out his contributions to those who were too blind to see.

Magnificent player for us and a really solid foundation on which promotion was built.

Horton's halftime iceberg

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Jan 9, 2005
Perhaps one of the greatest Albion chants of my life time, reminds me of some great times, great games and the final push from everyone at the club to go from rock bottom to the dizzy heights.

Hey hey hey
Stephens our midfielder
Ay Oh Ay he plays with Davy Propper
Hey Oh Ay they never give the ball away

1 2 3 4

Hey hey hey
Stephens our midfielder
Ay Oh Ay he plays with Davy Propper
Hey Oh Ay they never give the ball away

1 2 3 4

Repeat repeat repeat repeat

Thanks for the memories and that oh so good chant - I will always sing it along side Stevie Gritts, Michelle Kuipers, Gary Harts and Bobby Zs



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Sep 11, 2004
I remember getting on the train back into Brighton after one of the games in the promotion season 2016-17 - we'd just won yet another game, were steaming to the Premier league, and my mate and I had had a few Harveys in the concourse after the game ... now on the train, we were sat with this guy who spent the entire 15 minutes or so back into Brighton absolutely slaughtering Dale Stephens.... whenever we would put in a good word for him, or point out that we were having a fantastic season with him in the team, he'd yell "Yeah, we'd be even BETTER if we didnt have that useless .... in the team!"
I just looked at my mate sadly, we shook our heads and stopped trying to engage with this negative berk.
Sadly, there are a few like that. That guy probably moved on to Bong, then Solly March...... I wonder who he slaughters these days...

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