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[Albion] Could our next/future manager come from within?


Give us a biscuit
Oct 8, 2003
As our sustainable foundations build ever stronger, is it conceivable that the replacement for Sir Roberto (when he decides to retire in 2045 having won everything with us), could come from within?

Under Tony Bloom, the club has always ‘swum upstream’ to a degree, taking a different path to competitive advantage and staying ahead of its peer group. This has long been the case off the pitch and, obviously, we’re now enjoying the results of that ethos on the pitch.

With such a relatively unique approach, it may be harder to find a future manager externally with the ability to go on ‘raising our ceiling’.
Perhaps the future is to nurture management talent as much we do playing talent.

Adam Lallana, is clearly a very current example.

Or would we better jumping aboard some ‘big club-esque’ managerial merry-go-round?

I’m certainly interested in the possibilities of a more sustainable approach.

Icy Gull

Back on the rollercoaster
Jul 5, 2003
TB will have to pull off his best ever managerial coup to find someone as good or better than RDZ imo

I get the feeling we’ll find out next summer if we don’t make Champion’s League this season. RDZ wants to test himself at the pinnacle of European football imo.

I will be staggered if we replace him from within


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Jul 5, 2003
No chance. Especially with Adam lallana! Who's a nice guy but not the sharpest tool in the box with zero management experience.


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Apr 5, 2017
I think the club have moved miles away from promoting from within, and we as fans probably need to stop wanting that as well.

We're not going to continue upwards by resetting the project and essentially going back to the start of Potter again (a long-term, it'll take time but it'll work out in the end transformation). We may look to promote people like Lallana to the coaching staff so there is some continuity if we lost RDZ and his 42 backroom staff, but it could also end up like Bruno and Potter.


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Aug 8, 2005
I think Lallana has massive potential to be a manager, but I doubt Bloom would gamble on someone untried like that. Expect him to be a coach with us, then a manager for a championship/league one team. If he earns his stripes there then maybe he could come back?


A. Virgo, Football Genius
Jul 21, 2003
its a lovely idea but the general history of internal appointments isn't great. i think the first team coach/assistant manager to Head coach/Manager is too much of a change for most, they need to get that first experience elswhere without baggage.


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Nov 14, 2004
Too many ex top pros fast tracked to PL managerial hot seats and most end in disaster so no don’t think we will take this route. Also we do not need to take that sort of gamble as the current profile of the club will attract some top talent for the vacancy whenever it arrives.

Barnet Seagull

Luxury Player
Jul 14, 2003
Falmer, soon...
Haha we always hear this. Potter was irreplaceable as well until he wasn't. Thousands of managers out there.
Sorry, of course he's replaceable - probably a poor turn of phrase on my part.
What I meant is that what he is doing tactically is unique (although others are attempting to copy bits of it (see Howe/Guardiola)) and there are very few out there right now doing similarly unique things and challenging established norms.

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