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[Albion] Chelsea vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

Player puts his arm on a player going for ball in area - inconsistency maddening


Je Suis Rhino
Apr 25, 2009
The combination of injuries, fixture congestion and squad rotation are seemingly robbing us of last season’s fluency. It’s going to be hard to finish much higher than where we are now.

But this was always to be a ridiculously tough season. West Ham had to look over their shoulder deep into the season as a result of their European adventure. If we can stay safely mid-table and keep the Euro dream alive awhile longer, I’m good with that. Not cartwheeling, but it’s a reasonable trade off.

Plus… Chelsea remain a bunch of twunts. Obviously. :angry:


Well-known member
Apr 19, 2023
If we want to be serious about qualifying for Europe through the league, we really need to win our next two games against Brentford and Burnley.

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