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[Albion] Chelsea vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***


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May 8, 2006
The 4 substitutions have made us rather disjointed


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Jul 5, 2003
Undone by another incompetent twat dressed up as a ref

Has there ever been a VAR recommendation that the referee should take a look at the TV replay that results in the on pitch referee telling VAR to F$¥@ Off
Yes early on in one of our games against Villa (I think, or Liverpool) when the match day official saved our arses by not giving it after viewing the screen


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Nov 11, 2009
In a way that sums it up. It was debatable so they should have gone with the onfield decision and not got involved. As they would have done if it was Thiago Silva outmuscling Adingra.
You can bet your house that 2-1 Chelsea last 5 mins and identical with Silva and Adingra and no review

maresfield seagull

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May 23, 2006
It's proven. They can't.

The speed the ball travels at and the speed to see and react from keeper, the taker will always score if its in corner and they wait. Basically keepr has 3 choices, left right or middle. Waiting to see isn't possible
How often does it hit the corner of the net ? If it does it's unsaveable anyway Plenty are saveable


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Dec 15, 2018
If the VARtards have to refer onfield ref to the screen, it's not a clear and obvious error in the penalty decision

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