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[Albion] Carlos Baleba SINGS a 5-year deal


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Oct 20, 2022


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Oct 11, 2013
In the match at Wolves Milner and Estupinan swapped wings for a couple of minutes....almost as soon as they swapped, Wolves had a break on our left, and Milner lost the tackle, leaving Neto (I think) with a good chance). They immediately swapped back again! My guess is that RDZ was happy to risk Milner in games against teams he thought we could be most adventurous (eg: our first three games). I'd be really surprised if Milner plays RB in our next two games, which will be tough.
It happened because they were on that side defending one of our corners, and they stayed on those sides until there was a break in play when they returned to their normal positions.

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Jul 18, 2003

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