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[Albion] .... Brighton might boil our livers

Cowfold Seagull

Fan of the 17 bus
Apr 22, 2009
I think they are being unduly negative.

If we hit our straps, yes you have to fancy us, but we've been well beaten by limited sides this year.

If they can find the first goal, or at least frustrate us for a bit, it's properly game on
Well beaten my limited sides? we have only lost the one so far this season, but if we had taken our chances against Wet Spam we would have beaten them.

But when we come up against teams that play with ten men behind the ball and frustrate us, deny us the room to play, that's when we can struggle to break teams down.

I'm not expecting to win by a country mile, a victory by the odd goal will do for me.

Deportivo Seagull

I should coco
Jul 22, 2003
Mid Sussex
Almost all offal is tremendous if correctly prepared and served. The exception is tripe, which, in the immortal words of Anthony Bourdain, smells like wet sheepdog.
The correct way of preparing and serving offal is using a phosphorus grenade and then burying in a lead line box, in the centre circle at selhurst park.
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