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[Football] Ashley Barnes potentially leaving Burnley


Well-known member
Jul 13, 2003
Could see him ending up back at Plymouth Argyle if they get promoted. Proven Championship striker even if he's getting on a bit, should get you ten goals per season which they're going to need if they make it, and has that nasty streak in him. Plus he's from the West Country anyway so maybe it's closer to family.
I remember him scoring for us at Plymouth and giving them pelters as they’d been on him. Doesn’t mean he won’t join them but would need to be a ‘fresh start’ I think.

Greg Bobkin

Silver Seagull
May 22, 2012
He was one of Burnley’s best players last night, and has been effective every time I’ve watched them this season. Seems mad if they don’t find some kind of deal to keep him there for next season - even if only as a back up / bench option.

I’d have him on our bench over Undav, tbh.
I said pretty much all of that to Bobkin Jnr last night after the game.


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Feb 6, 2015
No thank you, we have moved on quite a bit from players like Barnes, who was, in
My view, totally overrated.


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Nov 15, 2008
That could be explained in part by the limitations (currently unacknowledged) of using a TV camera that films 26 frames per second when a player's foot can and does move 2 feet in 1/26th of a second.

They need to stop worrying about position of feet and arms, and just go off the torso like they always did (no linesman has ever tried to assess by eye whether one man's knee was an inch ahead of another's legal-part-of-the-top-of-the-arm), and look at the photo to see if the linesman is clearly wrong. If he isn't clearly wrong, without drawing lines on the screen, then he is right.

"The broadcast cameras operate with 50 frames per second, so the point of contact with the ball is one of those frames inside the 50 per second."



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May 3, 2012
Barnes gave the impression that he hasn't been told he's leaving, but he doesn't expect to be offered a new contract. He's probably right.

Played well today, though. He's had to learn a new type of game this season - quite a bit of dropping back into midfield to hold the ball up to play the wingers and midfielders in ahead of him - and he's done it far better than expected.

(And the goal today wasn't offside. The new offside rules don't apply if VAR isn't in, so he was level. It's only with VAR that level has been abolished. VAR has done some OK things and some poor things, but it's done one absolutely pig-awful thing and that's to hold the game up for 2 minutes, and to make visual assessment of offside impossible, just so they can disallow goals that were perfectly legal and encouraged under the old rules. If VAR had been in operation, and been used in what I would call the correct way, they could have looked at the photo of the goal, said "level", and the check would have been over in 5 seconds.)
Welcome back to the top table.

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