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[Albion] Arsenal vs Brighton & Hove Albion *** Official Match Thread ***

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Meade's Ball

Jul 7, 2003
Hither (sometimes Thither)
My third game attended this season, and a classic of bravery and chance. Flair was intermittent, even rare, from both sides, but the likes of Dunk and Cucurella weren't going home empty handed on this occasion, and only a wild shot from almost 40 yards would get by them. Heroic stuff, and for those small, keys moments when things just clicked, a pair of top quality goals.

Tony Bloom is having a w*nk


Aug 30, 2012
Mid Sussex
Thought Biss had a decent game. Didn’t notice him coming over at the end with the other players though? (also thought he way have walked past us when subbed and not past the north end)

Eric the meek

Bigga balls
Aug 24, 2020
That midfield trio of Bissouma, Caicedo and Mwepu. Quite simply, they dominated Arsenal for long periods and won us the game. Remember this was their first game together as a trio.

Caicedo looked as though he had been playing for us for years. As for a debut, he didn't shoot the lights out, but he performed his task very well. Give and go, give and go.

This season we're OK. We're safe. But next season is full of promise.....


Jan 3, 2006
Thought Biss had a decent game. Didn’t notice him coming over at the end with the other players though? (also thought he way have walked past us when subbed and not past the north end)

Why are you looking for drama, just enjoy the day. He was the last person off with Sanchez


Mar 8, 2008
that, ‘should’ see us right now.

Must admit to leaving the Amex last week peed off and not being able to see where the next point was coming from ….

Still, what do I know, always open to be proven wrong :wrong:

Christ. Was just having this convo over a post match pint in the (excellent) Hammerton Brewery tap. We are definitely safe now.

Harry Wilson's tackle

Harry Wilson's Tackle
Oct 8, 2003
I had a funny feeling we'd get a point today, not sure why or how but to get three... wow... it feels a bit dreamy and zany tbh, especially as I expected them to 'respond' after their loss to Palace... maybe we benefited from them taking us a bit lightly, following our lack of goals and poor run of late? if so... I'll take it.

It's a sweet one for sure and by the sounds of it both our goals were beautiful !

I've been a bit subdued recently, by our form, and yes I was starting to worry GP was losing it 'big sytle..' one swallow doesn't make a summer, but this feels like the first warm day in a while and I swear I saw a bumble bee earlier...

High praise to Leo, Mwepu, Cucu, Dunk and Bob as well as Moises - a first start, and a fine win with it... he must be feeling pretty awesome.

Hope we keep this team for the Spurs match.




SE London Seagull
Apr 28, 2010
SE London
Well that was fun. I was in the middle of some of our Stone Island clad yoof right next to the Arsenal fans. Despite feeling like the sober Dad at a stag party at times as they goaded those Arsenal fans relentlessly I also can't remember the last time I've enjoyed a game that much. Two goals, sang myself hoarse, got jumped on for hugs by exuberant strangers in celebration, then travelled on a morgue-like silent tube train of grumpy Arsenal fans. Glorious.

Nothing wrong with that!

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