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[Albion] Albion spotted in Amsterdam already!


Oct 8, 2008
It's mental,even the East stand united people's front of Werther's have got themselves organised.

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Apr 26, 2017
I highly recommend going to the Arendsnest. I am full of Dutch beer and sausage and very happy.

We have been playing a new game we call Dutch beer roulette. Don't look at the menu, just pick a number 1-52 and drink it.

Our current round is a pilsner, an IPA, a cider, a raspberry sour, and a 13.5% porter

Mine is the sour and my lips are about to shrink into my cheeks :lolol:

I f***ing love Amsterdam
Remember to be somewhere else at 5.45 😂


Sanity Clause
May 5, 2008

Loving this thread - building up the excitement from my desk. Keep the photos coming.

Of the group of 5 ST holders I normally go to matches with, 4 are in Amsterdam (3 got tickets) and the 1 without a ticket is with another non-STH who travelled with them just for the hell of it. Meanwhile I'm sat at my desk at home getting sent lots of photos and messages.

Would have loved to be there too.


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Apr 13, 2015
Dam sq looks like a party... lots of old bill, hopefully it will stay good natured.. lol ... some hope, these guys are steaming already.. I have retired to a locals bar for the match, no ticket sadly.

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