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[Football] 5 red cards, calamity Keeping, outstanding saves, glorious misses.

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Aug 27, 2010
These are the stands that were only temporary and were goi ng to be replaced when they were going up to Conference Prem :D:D
Crap ground, crap pitch, crap football
Feb 23, 2009
North of Brighton
Wow. I always thought that Whitehawk must be some kind of gold standard for non league football judging by the exhortations on NSC to go watch them at times. The shooting is better on my local pitches! Did make me laugh out loud a couple of times though!

bn9 bha

Jul 14, 2013

From the official Whitehawk Twitter
Feb 23, 2009
Brighton factually.....
He’s Tommy Fraser’s brother. Adam ElAbd also plays for them.

Ah, and Adam got sent off in a pre season game v Lewes, massive punch up with a Lewes player which escalated quickly, in front of me and my daughter and some of her team mates from her under 12 team, who stared in silence, open mouthed, ‘twas was quite embarrassing really, the ref lost control and blew for half time five minutes early :lolol:


Aug 30, 2011
In all the chaos, it is quite apt to see El Abd in the mix of it all, still an absolute pain in the arse

Feb 23, 2009
West Berkshire
Jesus, the challenge for that last red was nasty. Whitehawk should definitely have had a pen for the handball but ref coped pretty well judging by the highlights.

Watched Whitehawk when they played up here against Hungerford Town in the Conference South a few years ago and Dan Harding was playing for them, fair to say the standard of their team may have dipped slightly since then.


May 19, 2009
The youtube match vid is now up to 33000 views . 3B should start selling tickets now for the rematch at Jubilee Field , 16th April 2022 3pm at premium prices

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