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[Albion] 23 years ago this Sunday Peter Shilton played his 1000th Football League Fixture...

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Jesus Gul

Feb 23, 2004
Orient were our main divisional rivals...could only dream of playing Palace let alone doing the double over them then schooling them at Selhurst on a December evening in front of the Sky Sports cameras

Ninja Elephant

Doctor Elephant
Feb 16, 2009
Orient away - what a fixture that used to be in our calendar. Barnet away on Boxing Day every year was a banger too, always a 1-0 win. Should have been 2-0 one season, but Paul Watson managed to Ulloa a penalty into the new year. :albion2:


Jun 12, 2008
Tun Wells
Good days, the away games at Orient (though we rarely got anything out of it). Pretty sure in the space of a decade we stood in every part of the ground. The promotion season when Bobby Z scored, loads of us went in the home end (as the away end was sold out) and then we were allowed to walk in to the away end anyway.


Legacy fan
Jul 6, 2003
Memorable for the day that got me signed up for NSC. I was sceptical about NSC but I met Wozza in the queue to get into Orient and he persuaded me that NSC had got rid of the nutters and I should register. I'm not sure that was quite true but I'm still here 23 years later

Sorry about that.

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