Why The Daily Seagull exists

There’s a lot written about Brighton & Hove Albion every day. Like, loads and loads.

And much of what gets written is then copied by others, regurgitated a bit and spat out elsewhere on the internet, all in the pursuit of clicks, page views and, most importantly of course, getting adverts in front of eyeballs. Rinse and repeat.

This tsunami of content generally comes to the attention of readers with sensationalised and/or vague titles, tempting the unsuspecting to make that click or tap and part with three minutes of time, scrolling down through ad after ad, broken up with the occasional sentence of the article they are attempting to read.

And when the reader has made it through the 73 ads, desperately trying to pick out the actual story, they get to the bottom of the article only to find there’s no actual news at all.

What they find is a re-hash of an irrelevant comment that Roberto De Zerbi made in a press conference three months ago, or the startling revelation that the less-than-fab Fabrizio Romano just tweeted, for the 189th time this week, that a BIG club is considering thinking about preparing to bid for one of Albion’s bright young things.

TL;DR: trying to keep up with the Brighton & Hove Albion news that matters can be quite a shit experience. Let us help with that…

The Daily Seagull will give you the Brighton & Hove Albion news that matters. We won’t pretend a minor story is HUGE, and make you consume 73 ads to discover it’s really not.

And, beyond that, we’ll bring you well-written, original pieces of content that celebrate what an amazing football club this is to support.

And, yes, we’ll have ads – those pesky hosting bills need to be paid – but there will be a lot more signal than noise. Ad-supported, not ad-saturated. Promise. Cross our blue-and-white hearts.

Brighton & Hove Albion news. Every day. Written by Brighton fans. Written for Brighton fans.

Up The Albion!