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    Amazon Prime Tech stuff - watching experience

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    Probably worth a dedicated but dull thread, that doesn't discuss the match, the commentary, the coverage etc - Add advice experience work-arounds and can be bounced and referenced as a troubleshooting guide.

    Here goes..

    Watching on a 4k Panasonic TV (my default for Amazon Prime), with a Virgin Media 100Mbs broadband/wifi service This is a bit of a weird one. Coverage from Smellhurst was good, the screen refresh rate could have been higher with the result the ball was slightly blurred. Clearly the sound was wrong as I wasn't deafened by the best supporters in the world. Coverage from Turf Moor was like the floodlights had failed. I wasn't really bothered to be honest. This became a problem when the same pattern repeated on Thursday night, with what looked like a North London floodlight failure, but a good picture from Sheffield. Also a significant lag.

    Attempted to watch games via the Virgin TV box channel 205 and red button. Error every time, even after restarting the box and then phoning tech support.

    Watching on the same TV using a 4K Chromecast from a laptop. Minimal lag, no lighting issues, just one short bit of buffering in the whole game last night.
    Following the second match on a Chromebook, multiple network issues, constantly restarting the prime stream. Switched to our game and the coverage was about 2 seconds ahead of the Chromecast, when it wasn't requiring yet another restart.

    I will post updates once I have worked out the weird dark picture thing and the lack of a Virgin red button function.
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