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    Lord Nelson Albion Player Photos

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    Many of you may know that landlord Graham has left the Nelson in Trafalgar Street. And the next time you go in all the albion memorabelia will have gone.

    So just to let you know, the classic photos of the Albion players from 1906-1936 with 6595 appearances between them are safely with a northstander. Me.

    There are 73 in total, 10 of them signed. Brilliant that there's a signed photo of Tommy Cook in his England shirt.

    Next steps will be to get all the photos scanned so you can all have access to them. Then I'm having them re-framed in acid free material and under full UV protection glass. This should keep them safe for another 100 years.

    Currently my plan is to keep hold of them and bequeath them to the club when I peg out.

    I've made a spreadsheet of the players, dates and appearances. Just shout with your email if you'd like a copy.

    There's a mysterious player with no record in Tim C's and Roger Harris's history. Any clues about "Potter-Smith" anyone?

    There were some other bits and pieces which I've been asked to pass on the REMF or AITC. These are a couple of photos of the 1927-28 team, the original flyer for Brighton til I die framed and a junior framed shirt signed by the Coppell team with a plaque for the Nelson sponsoring Dean Hammond's shirt in 2003. If you're connected with either the REMF or AITC drop me a line and I'll get them to you.



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