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    What's the bravest thing you've done?

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    Not being a massive dog lover (terrified of them) i decided to square up to two Westies who had been running a mock around my local park. I had been watching the dog whisperer earlier that day and had decided i was going to show them once and for all who the real pack leader was! When they saw me they had a rabid look in there eyes, (one of them may well have rabies i don't know) first the larger of the two starting lunging at me like a cobra, followed closely by the second animal who had the sent of fresh blood on its nose ( i had scratched myself earlier that day which may or may not have add fuel to this frenzied attack). It started to circle me from behind looking for a weak spot! I stood my ground like a statue from ancient Rome occasionally twisting to block an attack. Then they decided to speed circle me, anti clockwise first both in the same direction, then splitting like to crafty "Hun" fighter pilots. The ordeal was only ended when i raised up enough courage to go after the bigger Westie, it made a yelping noise and ran off into the distance followed by its partner in crime. I walked home knowing i had faced my fear and things had changed.


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