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[Albion] Your ‘dream’ transfer window.

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Feb 1, 2009
I kind of get the Giroud thing
BUT is he much younger than GM ?
And on ridiculous wages

Three years younger than Murray - so a three year contract would take him through to where Murray is now. And he's an even better player.

He has obviously been on mega wages at Arsenal, but he may well be the sort of well balanced, sensible older player who wants to carry on playing and realises he's made his millions. In which case he may, rather like I suspect Lallana is doing, take a drop in wages; sweetened no doubt by a hefty signing on bonus - and of course even his reduced wages won't exactly be a pittance!

Maybe Tammy Abrahams then, I just think we need a player that can hold up the ball. Agree with the wages.
On the other hand, a young up-and-coming (he hopes) player on Arsenal wages would doubtless expect not a penny less wherever he transferred to, if not an actual pay rise. Not coming to Brighton, then (and, TBH, I'd rather have a couple or three years of Giroud).
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Oct 11, 2013
I was thinking the same... plus we also have Gyokeres(?) who is highly regarded.

The club is now beyond what any of us could have hoped for only 5 years ago.

We have a youth development ethos about the club that shows prospects that if they are good enough they will be allowed to realise their full potential with this club. What a difference to the way Dirty Leeds are conducting themselves.

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Alzate and Connoly are already there, and will play more minutes next season than this, I'd imagine (barring injuries).
Molumby will be eased into first team action, mainly through cup competitions and substitute appearances.
Clarke I suspect will go out on loan again, but that depends on what happens with our other CBs.
Gyokeres doesn't look up to it at PL level to me.

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