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[Food] You go into a newsagent to buy...


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Dec 21, 2011
If you're in a newsagent, then you have to take the opportunity to buy things that only they have through their 'Goodnight Sweetheart' portal back to the 70s/80s*.

This means anything from Bobbys, Scampi Fries, Spicy Nik Naks or Fish and Chips biscuits.
Accompany with a can of Shandy Bass, Dandelion & Burdock, Barrs Cream Soda or a generic brand milk shake in a plastic bottle.
Chocolate would be Cadbury's Snack, Bournville's Rum & Raisin, Dairy Milk Crunch or the soon to be gone Caramac: - Basically anything you could have found in a vending machine stuck to a train station wall.

Add in a single samosa in a plastic bag out of the fridge cabinet and you're living the dream.

* - Newsagents and ESK - Over twenty years into this millenium and I managed to find Goblin Steak Puddings and cardboard boxes of Poppets in ESK! I keep returning, but haven't found 'Cremola Foam' or 'Rise and Shine'.
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JJ McClure

Go Jags
Jul 7, 2003
Brannigans roast beef and mustard (if still available), Double Decker, drink wise been in Asia too long so milk tea / cold coffee / local energy drink or if in UK and can’t get those maybe something weird like tizer or lilt
Used to love Brannigans, a proper pub crisp


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Apr 18, 2010
Brannigan's Roast Beef and Mustard (Old Recipe)
Rubicon Strawberry & Kiwi

Greg Bobkin

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May 22, 2012
Some FANTASTIC suggestions on here and many threesomes that I'd like be all over.

Does a three-pack (or maybe even a sleeve of 10) of Jaffa cakes class as a 'chocolate bar'? I doubt it, so I'd choose: Walkers Sensations' lime and corriander chutney poppadoms, a Spira and blackcurrent tango*

*which gives me the excuse to post this beauty:



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Jun 26, 2009
Salt & Vinegar Squares
Still water
Whatever chocolate bar the homeless person outside fancies (I don't have a sweet tooth)


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Oct 20, 2022
1 packet of crisps, 1 chocolate bar and 1 soft drink.

What are you choosing?
To buy the shop - I discover the prices are grossly inflated for one Diet Coke, one orange Club and one packet of plain crisps, it would be a sustainable solution to my snack habits 😐

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