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[Misc] Writing to someone in an HMP

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Jan 13, 2015
Got a couple of mates who have unfortunately taken a wrong turn and ended up in the Lewes College of correction.

Obviously wanted to write to them both to offer my support and try and maintain some normality ( talking to me 🙈 I know 😂) but instead of writing now there is an email service which you have to register an account with a minimum of £5 with and they charge you 80p for each email you send.

I don’t know what the current UK prison population is, but it must bring a few quid into the Home Office coffers annually with the minimum spend of a fiver?

Then it got me thinking, how much will the Royal Mail have lost in stamp revenue as a result of this scheme?
This just reminded me of an old Catherine Tate sketch


Jul 19, 2011
Oddly it turns out you can't write to an inmate if you don't know which prison they are in, and you can't be told what prison someone is in because that violates their privacy.
Source: my friend wishing to serve divorce papers on her errant husband.
I suggested that a private detective could obtain the information very rapidly.


Aug 4, 2010
The biggest surprise is that the government never took control of email accounts and charged a licence fee for them. They could have made billions. What used to be an expensive and delayed service provided by Royal Mail is now effectively a freebie. How did we get away with that one?
Not quite - personal devices are prohibited and jails have technology where they sweep wings for things omitting a signal like phones , iPads etc. you can get a simple phone the size of a lighter or car key fob now which makes them easy to smuggle in
Pedant Alert! “They sweep wings for things EMITTING a signal . . . .”
If they omitted to do that then it never happened. 👌😎

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