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[Albion] Would you take 7th place, if offered now?

Would you take finishing 7th this season?

  • Yep - decent

    Votes: 458 76.8%
  • No - we can get a Champions League spot

    Votes: 138 23.2%

  • Total voters

Stat Brother

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Jul 11, 2003
West west west Sussex
I still feel a lot of people are ignoring the fact we've been massively understrength for a huge part of the season. We are 7th DESPITE everything so far. West Ham are also in free fall and Newcastle have serious problems. Man Utd and Chelsea are both woefully inconsistent. If we can get a decent run together and beat a couple of sides around us, Top 7 will be ours.

I'm still not ruling out higher than 7th - beat Man Utd at home and it's only 3 points with a better GD.

We look a totally different side with our wingers back and Lamptey fit.
But everyone has been understrength and we've been woefully inconsistent.


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Jan 23, 2017
I think they'd both snap your hand off for 7th at this point.

In the context of this season there clearly is a ceiling and we're probably at it now. That's based on tonight's league table, we're 6 points behind Utd in 6th place and 9 behind Spurs in 5th. Highly, highly unlikely that we'll overtake them.
This. If we won that Spurs game like we deserved to we’d only be 3 points behind them and things may have looked a lot different. But I can’t see us closing a 9 point gap at this stage in the season.


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Aug 25, 2011
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I'd  settle for 7th but as I said above, there are plenty of games left to finish higher. The only game I don't expect us to get anything from is Liverpool away. The likes of Newcastle away, City and arsenal at home are games that we can get points from and our home form is good despite the dropped points from teams near the bottom.

Other than the Coutinho game, the Albion under three managers always play well against Liverpool. My theory is that Klopp’s open attacking football suits us too. Whilst Guardiola and 2023/24 Arsenal are obsessive with a big defensive system … the defence getting plenty of cover from centre midfield.


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Jul 5, 2003
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Who edges the race for seventh? published at 08:28

BBC Sport pundit Michael Brown graphic

A mini-league seems to have formed between the teams sitting 7th-11th in the Premier League table, but which of those can get into the European places?

I would be amazed if anyone can give me that answer at this moment in time with those teams. There are so many questions hanging over that battle - what kind of bounce, positive or negative, will teams have after recent results?


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