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[Football] Will West Ham become European Champions?

Will West Ham win?

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Well-known member
Jan 23, 2017
I’m not normally all for the ‘supporting English clubs in Europe’ idea but I have made an exception here. I really hope they win.


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2014
Watched Fiorentina against Sassuolo and they looked decent playing some nice football.

Nobby Cybergoat

Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
Fella's, they will be insufferable if they win this. They're still going on about winning the world cup. Jeez.

Fiorentina for me. I used to love them back in the day ... Battistuta, Rui Costa, terrific players.

Easy 10

Brain dead MUG SHEEP
Jul 5, 2003
Location Location
I've got no beef with West 'Am. After all, they're practically a PL points ATM machine for us.

I hear Fiorentina are another team who are masters of the 'dark arts', and will likely try to shithouse their way to a win a-la Roma last week.



Notts County's younger cousins' fan
Mar 19, 2023
Northern Italy
Watched Fiorentina against Sassuolo and they looked decent playing some nice football.
They are a decent attacking side under Italiano, but they're absolutely terrible in defense. They're one of our old rivals but given that this is a very non-prestigious trophy that was only introduced last year, I don't mind them winning it.


Well-known member
Apr 21, 2017
Mickey Mouse Cup De Zerbi was determined we weren’t going to compete in :lolol:

Leave it to Villa and their shithousery next season

The European Sherpa Van or Johnson’s Paint Pot Trophy


Harsh - it’s at least almost the standard of the Intertoto Cup.


Well-known member
Jan 30, 2004
It's fair to say that this game COULD be season-defining for West Ham...
Sadly could also be fair to say that plenty of potential for crowd trouble too. Stadium capacity is only 20,000 with only 5,000 set aside for Hammers fans. Allegedly 40,000 fans travelling with many watching the game in a city centre Fanzone being entertained by Chesney Hawkes! And let's not forget the hammers faithful will be geed up by what happened at the AZ67 game. A hot day and serious amounts of alcohol. What could go wrong? :(

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