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[Football] Will Potter succeed at Chelsea?

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Will Potter succeed at Chelsea?

  • Yes, they will be challenging for PL/CL

    Votes: 54 28.4%
  • Sacked within a year

    Votes: 92 48.4%
  • Sacked after initial success.

    Votes: 44 23.2%

  • Total voters


Nov 11, 2009
I thought you knew about football? The pressure at the fabled ‘big 6’ is absurd, Man Utd fans were questioning TenHaag after 2 games, Liverpool fans on the radio calling for Klopps head, Chelsea fans wanted Tuchel’s out 14 months removed from winning the Champions League. That’s not normal and isn’t sustainable.

Spot on, and thats why Im convinced he'll be binned within a year. At Albion minimum requirement in outside bottom 3, top ten a huge succcess. At Chelsea minimum requirement is top 4, outisde youve failed.

We had loads of Potter In/Out polls as it took a long while to get to where we are, yes he'll have cash and better players, but he wont get time like he did here, and bad runs of form of which theres been a good few year, with multiple losses on bounce and the fans will rip him to pieces, calling for his head.

If Potter could get 3 years plus, he'll come good, but the'yll be plenty of bumps on that road and I doubt the patience. Right now Boehly has his latest play thing, lets see how it holds up with vehement Chelsea fans screaming for his head in a bad run.

Its a snake pit.


Oct 8, 2008
Making ok players in to very good players seemed to be his speciality but at a club like Chelsea the players there are apparently all world beaters already so his job will be a whole lot more complicated and frankly my dear I don't give a toss, nothing would please me more than for The quintessential Teamlikebrighton to finish above them in the league.


Mar 19, 2017
The measure of his success will be winning something. Playing lovely football and not winning a trophy or league won’t be good enough for them. Without doubt Potter would still have a job if we ever got relegated (certainly until Xmas anyway). If he’s in top 4 and wins a cup he will last until the summer at least. I’m now waiting for the inevitable ‘Would you have him back poll’

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