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[Football] Which club do you dislike the most?


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Plastic JCL
Sep 14, 2016
All depends how you interpret the question but I dislike Chelsea more than Palace. However our rivalry is with Palace and will be for years to come.

The Fifth Column

Lazy mug
Nov 30, 2010
I've met Palace fans I'd be happy to share a drink and talk football with, I've yet to meet a Chelsea fan that isn't a complete twat and talks out of his arse and thinks football was invented in 1992.

Uncle Spielberg

Well-known member
Jul 6, 2003
Chelsea by far Palace are at least a proper club with proper fans


Well-known member
Jul 5, 2003
Palace, Leeds, Liverpool, Chelsea, Spurs, Villa, Portsmouth, wales, Scotland…. And that’s without much thinking!!


Well-known member
Feb 19, 2016
The rivalry with Palace has settled into almost a pantomime thing, whilst they do play in a shit hole, have really no likeable traits, they are at least a football club , operating with similar financial clout to us (i think), with a proper fanbase (hoody wearing "Ultras" excepted) Chelsea on the otherhand are nothing more than a franchise, being run by mega wealthy twats completly devoid of any understanding of what football is about. Souless , moraless, and simply detestable, with an entitled , arrogant and scummy fanbase

Palace are our "love to hate" team, Chelsea are simply abhorrent in every single way. Id never want Palace to go under, go to Division 2-yes, but Chelsea Id love to see go bust and out of business

Uncle Spielberg

Well-known member
Jul 6, 2003


Colonel Hee-Haw of Queen's Park
NSC Patron
Apr 5, 2014
But does anyone really 'hate' Palace?
I think we've had this discusion before-
I could have a pint with a Palace fan and discuss football.
I could never sit down with a Chelsea fan knowing he (she) would only have one opinion.
Quite. Palace fans are 'proper' fans because they generally support their local club when they could have buggered off to Chelsea, Arsenal et al.

My likes and dislikes vary from season to season with so many different reasons.

Right now I am, as 'When Saturday Comes' once put it, an 'Un-Chelsea fan'. As in, not a rival but a team I really don't like and love to see lose. I am also an Un-Sunderland and an Un-Birmingham City fan for various reasons.

Talking of WSC. Interesting little piece from @chaileyjem this month


Peacehaven Wild Kids

Well-known member
Jan 16, 2022
The Avenue then Maloncho
I have friends that support Palace and at Sussex v Surrey I’ve had a beer and a laugh with them on several occasions, also hats off to them for their input into the REMF.

However, I “hate” them as a club and them complete yoghurts behind the goal that think they’re from Naples. I’ll happily see them relegated a division or two.

I have equal distain for those on forums, Twitter etc that try telling me who we should or not hate and the rivalry between us and Palace is pointless, fake blah blah especially as it mostly stems from some spotty know it all Leeds fan from Leamington Spa who’s younger than my favourite pair of trainers.

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