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[Albion] Where is your Albion Mojo ( don't forget to take into account our next three games!)

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Where is your Albion Mojo today?

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Aug 25, 2011
Withdean area
Prematch razzamatazz at an ear-piercing 110dB “Put Your Hands Up For Brighton” on repeat.

Then Weghorst, Cash, et al …. tucks away the opener.

Balloon popped, those same hands are then sat on, until it’s time on 39 minutes for pints of lager to numb the pain.

It’s a funny old game.

Bry Nylon

Test your smoke alarm
Jul 21, 2003
Playing snooker
Good point, I do think we are drifting into the potentially toxic atmosphere of latter day CH :down:

Have to say, I don't sense that at all. Naturally, after 4 defeats on the spin everyone is pretty downcast, especially after a good start. But let's be honest, we seemed to be defying gravity earlier in the season in spite of drawing game after game after game. Our current league position is probably just a restoration of the natural order of things. However you chose to look at it, safety by March represents progression.

Nothing wrong with starting a "where is your Albion mojo right now?" thread after 4 defeats; it's probably quite a good time to take stock; but it does seem to be a different way of poking at the same scab that was the "Potter In or Out?" thread in the immediate aftermath of a home defeat.

Interestingly, the results of the poll thus far seem to to indicate that many people are taking a relatively pragmatic view and the numbers don't support your analysis above, although the sample size is small and obvs not representative.
Aug 18, 2013

A very promising season fizzling out
Yet another ridiculous shit run of form out of nowhere, something that is becoming quite a trait of the manager.
A grim PR strategy from the club blowing smoke up their own arse about anything and everything, led from CEO down, with any criticism shut down to the extent that you're no longer allowed to boo
Dull football and few goals bar the odd freak game where we look absolutely unreal, which makes the shit results even more exasperating
And an economic and political outlook that means that in the grand scheme of things, football counts for very little.

Fully expect us to get a result tomorrow which will be great but will then lead to the usual suspects going way overboard about how good we are and how amazing the football/manager is.

Can't wait.

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May 21, 2004
4 at most.
Shocking understanding of where the goal is and what it means to work their goalkeeper.
Possession does not mean points.
Football is a game played on Saturday.
Etc etc


Feb 23, 2009
Preston Park
10 - we have a generational, Brighton-born fan-owner. We are in our fifth season in the Elite league in world football. We will have a sixth season. Potter will (one day) work out the risk reward required to turn great approach play into goals. GLASS HALF FULL.


Huge Member
Oct 19, 2003
We are in the Premier League and I can watch all matches over here. We have some wonderful players and eventually our poor form will end.

Its not sitting in a freezing Goldstone ground getting battered in the fourth division. Or getting soaked at Withdean but its not bad.

I guess it is a case of what you are comparing it to? When did our expectations rise so high?


PROD with the PROD
Oct 17, 2008

We're shit at home.
We don't score nearly enough.
But also
We're (most likely) safe again
Moder, Alzate, Cucu are mustard.
We're not run by a basket case or an oil state or a close personal friend of a warmonger.

Could be worse, all considered.

This. Minimum one striker guaranteed for the summer - finally too. That said, if we somehow end up starting next season with this same front line, Undav, Sima, Connolly all out on loan and us relying on Welbeck and Maupay again, I will be starting the season at a 2 or 3.


Old Brightonian
Nov 7, 2003
East Wales
Gone for a three, I know we can’t win all the time but losing four on the bounce against so so teams is a bit gutting after doing alright. It’ll be a lot higher when we next pick up some points.

The U23s looked fantastic tonight though, can’t wait for the Papa John’s Trophy again next year.


Oct 1, 2017
4: Very meh lately, but only partly due to our form; more due to football having taken a back seat in my general scope anyway with young kids, but even more so now with the war
Feb 23, 2009
North of Brighton
I'm still trying, but they aren't winning and I've lost interest in the the Prem. It all fades in to insignificance in the face of the horrors of an evilly motivated war killing innocents by the minute. Hard to stay engaged with my football mojo on any level, Albion or not.
Jul 26, 2004
Voted a 5. I can’t really fault anything the club is doing. Potter’s a great manager imo, and we have an amazing chairman. But it’s starting to dawn on me (us?) that unless we sell out to a murderous gulf state, a murderous’ dictators patsy or a bunch of disinterested Americans looking to make a few dollars then the best we can probably hope for is the upper end of the bottom half. Modern football (or at least the PL) is just a bit s***.


In the Algarve
Jan 31, 2012
Vilamoura, Portugal

I am having serious doubts about Potter as a coach.same predictable team selections and tactics.I think he has lost his nerve.I reach for the prozac every time Gross and Trossard are selected

I have no problem with Burn being sold or transfer outlay.The problems are elsewhere

Without Gross we create virtually no good chances and never score. If he's going we need a quality creative replacement.

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