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[Drinking] Where are we going to hang out in Rome?


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Nov 27, 2003
Looks like there's no set plan, but where do you think most of us will hang out on Wednesday evening and Thursday before and after the game?

Vatican? Old Rome? Modern Center?


Brian Fantana

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Oct 8, 2006
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We were just having this discussion within our group. For Thursday, we're definitely going to be somewhere not too far from where the buses leave so that we can get on one fairly quickly, given the small number of turnstiles and apparently extensive searches/ID checks.


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Aug 10, 2007
Be like the Jocks in London, take over a fountain, the Trevi Fountain :O

Feb 29, 2024
Spread the info if Albion fans are anywhere in the city today please, would really like to join 🙂
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Feb 29, 2024
I met some Scots who traveled for the rugby game in Shamrock pub, but no signs of BHAFC fans, if you are anywhere please PM me
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