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Radio User
Jan 15, 2008
Prince Jazzbo - Kick Boy Face.

Trouble is the Mean Girl riddim is just SO good I couldn't leave it there.
So I'm all in on three classic DJ cuts followed by two of my favourite later versions. :thumbsup:


Barrow Boy

Nov 2, 2007
There's always time for a bit of Feelgood, loved this comment on YouTube,

Allan Coburn

2 years ago
If anybody thinks the band look rough on the promo films, you should have seen them live. Rough, ready and one of the best bands of all time. If Lee was still with us he would have put Rag 'n' Bone man in the shade with his fantastic voice and "mouthie" playing. Once a fan of Dr Feelgood, you'll always Feelgood.


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