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[TV] What do you smell of?


Aug 22, 2012
Vagina and Joop in my younger years.
Now it's desperation and deep heat.

Not long before I reach the age where TCP becomes a cologne.
Oh the irony! :D



He/him/his/that muppet
Jul 6, 2011
Like a wild cat ranging across the savanna without a care in the world.
Like the essence of happiness trapped in a bottle.
Like the dreams of angels have rained down upon me.
Like the sun's rays have kissed me in a gentle embrace.

tl;dr - Lynx Africa

The Clamp

Jan 11, 2016
West is BEST
Dove women. I cannot stand the smell of deodorants made for men and so use a roll-on designed for women. Smells fresh, not particularly feminine and doesn’t leave me smelling like a thirsty teenage boy on his way to meet at a girl at the marina for bowling and pizza and a quick fingerblast on parking level 3.

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