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[Albion] What a week for Tony Bloom


Brighton born & bred
Oct 20, 2022
It is not. Tony Bloom would not accept a bid for less than £50m for Evan Ferguson at this point. Probably more than that.

If Aston Villa or something comes along with a £10m bid on Ferguson, Tony would laugh for hours. You can't sell one of the most promising strikers in the world for £10m a year after selling Neal Maupay for £15m.
See my subsequent posts.

I was actually feeling really ill when posting that - just tested positive half an hour later with Covid, and was rushed to hospital last night in an ambulance with respiratory issues, low oxygen and a severe asthma attack from worsening chest infection and autoimmune flare ups! After night on intravenous meds dont feel too bad today but reading back, none of my comments make much sense today so apologies. As I said in January, Ferguson will be one of our most valuable players by the end of the season, yesterday just reinforces that.

Anyway we‘re through - Tony will be pleased - RDZ will be pleased.

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