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[Albion] Was the atmosphere last night a bit underwhelming ?


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Jul 5, 2003
Palace didn't offer much – I think the most animated I saw them was during Sussex By The Sea, including one goon in a light-coloured hoodie deciding to conduct the crowd – no doubt thinking it was some kind of hilarious 'own' of the Albion faithful...
I spotted him from the West. Just made me bellow GOSBTS even louder. He seemed quite proud of himself!

The Seagull

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Jan 17, 2021
This is passion NOT “there were pockets singing” or “we occasionally sung” or “it was a bit nervy so we sat there saying nothing”.


The Seagull

Well-known member
Jan 17, 2021
You post as if you are an authority on crowd atmosphere and don’t seem to accept that the perception of the atmosphere might be different according to where you sit. WSU was very loud at times.

Earlier you make a loose reference to being a “hoolie”. If everyone who claims to have been a hoolie actually was, there would have been enough to fight a small war. Prob no more than 100 Albion who actually went into combat in the 70s! I was a North Stander, was pleased to have a few lads around for protection, but was never in active combat.

Just enjoy the victory
“Never in active combat” 🤦🏻. I was, in the 90’s and a bit in 00’s. Not proud of it, just a fact.


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Jul 10, 2003
I thought the atmosphere was one of the better ones this season, from my usual vantage point of ESL block B.

Not the first time Palace have been quiet at our place though. I think people expect them to be much louder than they generally are.

At times this season I've been able to hear the players talking and I never noticed that at all in the early seasons at the Amex. That didn't occur last night.
As with nearly everyone on this thread that were actually there last night, I agree the atmosphere was good, if a little tense at times :thumbsup:

But the Palace fans always seem quiet away from home when the microphones aren't placed directly in front of them and then broadcast across the media. I really can't understand why :shrug:


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Oct 6, 2003
Can any one tell me what song they played before the “freed from desire“ song? I have probably been living under a rock but I had not heard it before the end of the West Ham game.


British and Proud
Oct 15, 2014
Moises Caicedo was geeing up the North stand in the second half speaks volumes of how the players heard the atmosphere


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Jul 8, 2022
I took my boy for the first time and after all the build up I gave it, even he said it wasn’t as loud as he thought it would be.

I was in the west lower by the south so that probably didn’t help. And sometimes I do hope palace score so we can get the aggression going in the crowd, and obviously us win at the end.

Just seemed a bit off last night.
Yeah it wasn't great. Lots of empty seats in the east stand. Took a picture of it from the WU. Probably a combo of nerves and weather. Also I thought their fans were pretty subdued. Due to them being so shìte I expect.

Also, and only a personal view, I absolutely hate all the naff pyrotechnics and music at the end. Totally kills natural atmosphere. Save that shìt for baseball.

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