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[Albion] Was the 2nd half the worst 45 mins of PL football since Potter arrived?

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Was the 2nd half the poorest 45 mins of PL football since GP arrived?

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Hampster Gull

Dec 22, 2010
I missed the first half and by all accounts Brighton were fabulous and outplayed WBA.

Hmz, not so sure. For me we were no where near fabulous, we were poor and making mistakes all over the place, but West Brom were even worse so yes, we outplayed them. I went off at half time laughing at how poor that half had been as a game but hopeful we could address at half time and with subs.

The Wizard

Jul 2, 2009
It’s becoming a theme isn’t it, we can’t string 2 good halves together and it’s normally we play well in the first half then come out second half and look dire and uninspiring, it’s a pattern that’s too obvious to ignore, maybe we need to hold a bit more back in the first half and conserve energy if we can’t maintain the level throughout the 90 minutes.

There’s been countless games in Potters reign where we play really well in the first half, normally don’t finish our chances and end up getting punished. I’m trying to remember the last time we played better in the second half than the first half, aside from when we are chasing the game.


Jul 9, 2003
Just about the worst I would say. The worry for me currently is Maupay's form (I know he has got 4 goals so far) but he just currently seems bang off it at the moment, although I don't think it helps him when he is on his own up front.

I would personally give him a rest for a game or two and try Welbeck & Connolly together.

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