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Want to get an image onto NSC?


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Jul 4, 2003
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You may want to get an image onto NSC for any number of reasons.

Image on the web already

If the image is already elsewhere on the web - this is simple:

1. Go to the web page containing the image. Right click on the image in question, highlight and copy the URL/Address of the image.

2. When making a post on NSC, click the IMG button above the main posting dialogue box. Paste in the URL of the image concerned. When you submit your posting, the image will be displayed.

Image on your computer

You may have an image on your computer you wish to share with the world or, possibly, use as your avatar. At the time of writing (2/4/04) NSC permits images to be attached when making a post, but this may not be available forever. An easy way to get your image onto the web is as below:

1. Go to Imageshack - an easy image hosting service that requires no membership.

2.Click 'Browse...' to open a box that will enable you to find the image on your computer and click 'Upload'.

3. When the image has loaded, you will be given a string of text to paste into your NSC message that will link to your image. Alternatively, copy the URL for use as your avatar.

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