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[Albion] Viera has left Palace and Hodgson returns!

Codner's Wallop

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Sep 11, 2013
I can’t help think this is a really poor knee jerk decision from Palace.

No one could deny Palace‘s form is dismal but on paper they look a weak collection of players. Yes they have Zaha but not much else at this level.

Viera was making the best of a poor bunch and compared in performance with their relegation rivals, Palace were light years ahead of Leicester, Southampton, Bournemouth, West Ham etc.

The word kamikaze comes to mind…


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Jul 5, 2003
I wonder how many clubs have sacked their manager/head coach after playing us?

* to avoid it, obvs... :lolol:
I asked that a couple of pages back and got no answer. I don't think it's that many - we seem to play teams who have just appointed a new manager (Man Utd, Southampton and Villa this season, just for starters)


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Feb 3, 2008
If it’s Hodgson til the end of the season then there is a very real chance of relegation. He was sooooo past any useful input when Watford gave him a go, it was hilarious, and they were relegated. There’s dinosaur managers with outdated ideas & then there’s Roy….
Agreed ….if he replicates his style when last at Palace I can’t see them breaking free from their goal drought


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Nov 15, 2008
I asked that a couple of pages back and got no answer. I don't think it's that many - we seem to play teams who have just appointed a new manager (Man Utd, Southampton and Villa this season, just for starters)
I remember there being a season (which doesn't feel that long ago, but is probably further back than I remember) where it seemed any time we won, our opposition sacked their manager.


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Apr 16, 2009
Inside Southwick Tunnel
So Patrick has gone on St Patrick's Day :ROFLMAO:
From memory, Palace seem to have a bad relationship with St Patrick’s day- all those sacrifices to the pagan gods keeping them up every season might be the reason why.

Seriously though- despite his bad run Vieira seems to be a decent man and deserving of better. Hoping he can move on and his managerial career can go on the up.


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Apr 5, 2014
Quite. In terms of a 2023 palace bedwetting tracker:

Brighton A: (1) 0
ManCity H: (0) 0
Villa A: (1) 0
Liverpool H: (0) 1
Brentford A: (1) 1
Brighton H: (3) 1
ManUtd A: (0) 0
Newcastle H: (3) 1
ManUtd H: (0) 1
Chelsea A: (0) 0
Spurs H: (0) 0

Tracker points 9. Actual points 5. That was a tough run of fixtures given league positions and form.
The above.

Looking at their upcoming fixtures, and seeing who the past ones were against, I had them to remain in 12th.


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Jan 7, 2010
Gods country fortnightly
Appoint Roy to ensure they drop into the bottom 3 and then turn to Big Sam to finish the job in a few weeks. Once relegated stabilise the club and plan for the future by getting Pardew back in. Sounds like a solid plan.
Get quotation to renew the cladding too


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Sep 16, 2005
This could be Beaky's biggest bungle to date.

Playing the Arse after their ET then penalty shoot out loss is great timing, especially after a better performance against us. Who is going to 'manage' that game at short notice now, Beaky himself, Mark 'not very' Bright?

Now they go into that game and an international break in a bit of a muddle. Self inflicted nonsense. Ha ha.


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Dec 21, 2011
Surely they won't be thinking of Hodgson!! Roy was great for them. He over acheived with the money they allowed him. The football wasn't progressive, but he made a usuable purse out of a sow's ear for a sustained period.

After his departure, they tore up the blueprint and committed themselves to a new way of playing, spending money that they had refused Roy to buy in progressive young players. They pursued Lucien Favre and were linked with Valerien Ismael and Steve Cooper before bringing in Vieira. They could have sought the services of Sean Dyche, but were seemingly determined to change things up, play football in the right way and build something for the future.

In Vieria's first season, things went better than most expected. Most pundits had them in the bottom three, like they did us when we moved away from CH with GP. In terms of league position, their first season was better than we acheived with Potter in his first couple of years. Vieira got a manager of the season nomination. We looked on disappointed, suggesting that managers are really tested when things get tough and that there had yet to be any sticky periods for Vieira. Conversely, we had some very sticky times where we 'were made to suffer' during Potter's first couple of years, but Tony Bloom stuck by his beliefs and by his man.

Well, the start of 2023 has been the first sticky period for them under Vieira: No wins and 5 points from 10 games. However, other than a second half Kane and Son masterclass, they haven't been humiliated in any of those ten difficult games, coming within a single goal of a win or draw in all of the others. I'd argue that he was seeing through his first difficult spell and that he would emerge a better manager ready to finish the season on an up curve.

Parish and his American partners then get cold feet and sack him in a panic before the run of easier fixtures starts. We don't know what's gone on behind the scenes, but that, in itself, looks crazy and short termist. If they were to now throw the baby out with the bathwater, get in Hodgson and play a deep block against the bottom seven, it would be a laughable backwards step that would destroy their club's credibility with any progressive manager they targetted after the season's end. As Bournemouth found out when they pursued RDZ, these kind of managers choose their jobs carefully. Who, of any worth, would choose them in those circumstances?

It's all looking a bit like a 12" Remix, extended play of the Frank de Boer business. Thanks again for the entertainment Parish. You never seem to let us down.
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Jul 4, 2003
Back in Sussex
Stay classy Palace...

Surprisingly, it was not even Dougie Freedman or Steve Parish informed Vieira about the decision, but the former Arsenal midfielder was calm and listened before thanking the voice at the other side of the phone.​
Vieira’s assistant Osian Roberts, who was also on his way to the training ground, also got a message on his phone informing him that the club had decided to change direction and give the team the best chance in the upcoming games.​
Yesterday the board had already started briefing their intentions to reporters, but none of Vieira’s coaching staff really thought they’d be denied the chance to at least face Arsenal and fight for their jobs.​

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