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[Albion] Umar Sadiq

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See the match?
Aug 8, 2020
Worthing -> NYC
Obviously he'll go to Seville.

We are just being used to drive up the price.

It is the Nunez-Gonzalez playbook.

Probably. But you never know.

Still gutted about Nunez. Everything about him seemed perfect.

Gonzalez I wasn't too bothered, although I thought he and Mac Allister could have gotten the best out of each other...


Feb 1, 2009
We should take him on loan and send him back after a few matches, like almost every team he has played for!

1.2 Spezia
1.2.1 Loan to Lavagnese
1.2.2 Loan to Roma
1.3 Roma
1.3.1 Loan to Bologna
1.3.2 Loan to Torino
1.3.3 Loan to NAC Breda
1.3.4 Loan to Rangers
1.3.5 Loan to Perugia
1.3.6 Loan to Partizan
1.4 Almería

Several with options to buy - none of which were taken up.

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