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[Misc] TV wall mounting

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Sep 15, 2004
Hurst Green
Done and dusted within 18 hours. TV bought last night and arrived this morning. Got a few quotes and after a few review checks opted for TAS aerials who mounted it in under and hour for £200.

TV is in the kitchen/dinner and I wanted it quite high. It’s level when standing and it’s simply there to have the news on at breakfast and the footie on when entertaining.

Mr TAS will not be going hungry or getting cold anytime soon


Jul 7, 2003
Sussex, by the sea


Jan 30, 2004
I'm the same - my Dad started out as an electrician before working at Beechams and was always very handy.

With DIY there are those that are good at it and those who enjoy it. I fit into neither category and don't have the patience for it either. I now work on the principle that it is usually cheaper to bring in a professional to do the job first time than to pay extra for them to also fix my bungled attempts.

We need to keep these trades alive so I am doing my bit to help:smile:
This with bells on! I don't even own a drill or electric screwdriver.

If I change a light bulb we crack open the champagne!
Just bought a new Samsung Frame Tv, which shows paintings with a matt finish when not watching TV. It fits completely flush to the wall, is very lightweight, and connects to a heavy box (bigger than a house brick) which you can hide in a cupboard or something. The box has all the cables and power connected to it. All good so far, except the very discreet cable from TV to box is 5 metres long. I need six metres to tuck the box away. Samsung kindly offer a 15 metre cable for £499 (I kid you not). Apparently all of their earlier cable versions are not compatible.

Now finding a new cupboard to hide the box. Was easy to fit to the wall though.


Dec 17, 2008
I have a makita hammer drill, inherited from my late father in 2004, still going strong, its taken some serious abuse over the years. There's not much I haven't tackled and have most tools now.

I sold my milling machine and the cement mixer died, but most things ;-)

tools have been dirt cheap for years, so it is a viable option,

Yeah, I didn't grow up with a male influence so I didn't have a clue until I moved up here with, literally, 1 drill about 5 years ago. I'm kind of evangelical about it now! If I can start at 46 then anyone can do it.

I love my cement mixer, it's battered to heck but still turning :)

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