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Transfer latest: Adams targets two


Hotdogs, extra onions
Aug 11, 2003
Near Ducks, Geese, and Seagulls

Micky Adams has told he is keen to bring up to two new faces ahead of the extended end-of-August transfer deadline.

The deadline has been moved until midnight on Monday 1st September, because 31st August is a Sunday, and Adams said, "We would like to strengthen the squad in a couple of areas.

"We have highlighted a couple of players we want to bring in, it's now whether we can get them or not - but we will be trying our best."

Box of Frogs

Zamoras Left Boot
Oct 8, 2003
Right here, right now
Phil McHunt

Jimmy Grimble

Well-known member
sean thornton and alan lee?

Jimmy Grimble

Well-known member
keiran gibbs and james scrowcroft?


Moving further North...
Feb 19, 2006
Jack Compton won't sign... he has been lost in the back of a taxi for two days.

Jimmy Grimble

Well-known member
danny haynes and dean bowditch?

Jimmy Grimble

Well-known member
billy denehey and bryan scott?

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