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Toby Inn Woodingdean closed . Good...

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Jan 13, 2004
Burgess Hill
edna krabappel said:
Er.....without wishing to say too much, it appears as though a large group of guys turned up, armed with baseball bats and pickaxe handles (that much you can read in today's Argus), smashed all the windows in, and then proceeded inside where they battered everything in sight. Including, it appears, a couple of the punters.

Suffice it to say it appears a tad pre-meditated, presumably some kind of feud between a group of blokes with too much testosterone and too small penises.

I had to go up there, and they did a proper job on the place.

Bunch of tools.

Not 100% accurate, but not far off

Some silly tosser, a toby regular you might say, thought he'd be the Big Nuts and told the Whitehawk crew that "they'd be waiting for them" at the pub, of course, this silly tosser (who is currently in hiding) didnt tell his mates, so when the Whitehawk massive turned up, armed to the hilt, it came out of the blue, once the Whitehawk laddites realised what had happened they actually appologised (yes, they did!).

A total f*** up, by all accounts.

Deleted User X18H

The Whitehawk Crew what's that then is it? something to do with pullovers? !!!!

Wardy's twin

Oct 21, 2014
Found this old thread on Google when trying to see what goes on at the Toby now. I thought it was a social hub whatever that might be. Third link was to NSC. Funnily enough I am in the Downs which has been refurbished and serves some nice beers and reasonable pub food. I grew up in South Woodingdean and have to say always thought the Toby was awful. I didn't go to the local schools and always felt that people were looking for a fight.

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