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[Albion] Ticket in wallet not updated for Grimsby game

monty uk

Well-known member
Sep 25, 2018
So it works as I said, but the stewards were wrong and didn't let you try it?

Because if you had tried, it probably would have worked.

I think I'm going to trust the dozens of people on each turnstile I've worked each match that it works tbf. I've also been told by the club that if it hasn't updated to tell people to scan it, if a steward is telling you it needs to say the actual game, let them ask the here to help people if there's one on that turnstile.

Most other people at the ticket office would have very different problems with their ticket.
Of course I tried it - several times and it didn't work "as you said". What do you think I am .......? It's nothing to do with the stewards being wrong - please don't blame them. A direct email from the club to me the day before and a message on the official website both said that my season ticket will work even if not showing the game that day when presented to the turnstiles. It didn't.

There were several people at the ticket office WITH THE SAME PROBLEM. I talked to them. The club even admitted, by email to me that there was a problem with 'a small number of season tickets not updating and fans being refused entry'. So no, most other people at the ticket office DID NOT have other problems. And there were a lot of people queuing - with each one taking several minutes. At least five people in each ticket office window queue. The person in front of me had two season tickets. One had updated, the other hadn't and he was refused entry too.

The stewards need to have some discretion to allow people in with valid season tickets when this happens. But they admitted to me at the time that they are only hired staff with absolutely no authority. They cannot even call a supervisor to ask for assistance and guidance as there is no method of communication from the turnstiles.

You carry on trusting the dozens of people that you have worked with if you like. I don't. From bitter experience.

I don't understand your statement "if a steward is telling you it needs to say the actual game, let them ask the here to help people if there's one on that turnstile".

Incidentally my ST has today, update to Brentford from Palace. So I don't have a problem this time. Third time lucky I guess.

I still feel aggrieved that the club arrogantly blamed me for missing part of the game when there was, and possibly still is, a problem with the software that they did no allow for on the day.

Have you personally tried to enter with a season ticket showing the wrong game? Maybe you should test it on behalf of the club so that there is a definitive answer.

Wardy's twin

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Oct 21, 2014
Log in to the Albion ticket site.
Go to your account and click on tickets.
Tick the box for the Grimsby game.
Click on "add to mobile wallet"
Should then appear in you wallet.
On my phone which is android i was actually given another screen which showed the details of the ticket and at bottom of the screen a button which said close , which when clicked it closed the screen and nothing was added. Did that 10 times or so it was only when i got to the last time I noticed a small button within the details which said download..... Have to say very poor transaction design...

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