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[Albion] The unbelievable rise of Brighton & Hove Albion.


Brighton born & bred
Oct 20, 2022
@Cheshire Cat - Video isn’t disabled on YT - you just have to click on the YT link and watch it from there. Doesn’t start with the Goldstone though - apparently our ‘interesting’ history begins at Withdean 🤷‍♂️

Lovely post on there from an Argentinian fan (guess he doesn’t know we signed Buonanotte though) - lots of posts from Glory Hunters 😏

Fierros Por Celular

8 days ago
‘Not sure if you know this, but the Seagulls have 45 million new fans. The whole population of Argentina loves the Club for how well you treat our Ale Mac Allister. A fantastic Club for a World Champion like Ale. Now please rescue Leo Messi and Neymar from that dark whole known as PSG’
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