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The ref last night


New member
Jun 21, 2012
Is that the tackle where the opponent was sliding along the floor?

Yeah, I think it was actually Lansbury but could be wrong. I remember him sliding in, ball goes out for what I presumed was a throw in, next thing I know Forest had a free kick and Kayal was booked?! Me and my mate couldn't work out why!


New member
Oct 30, 2010
Stroud was poor but Kayal n Stephens deserved to be booked. The only thing was that he seemed to miss their worst offences and look to make amends later. Kayal studded a Forest player who had to be subbed and wasn't booked while Stephens rugby tacked another after Dunk messed up by trying to shoulder the ball to safety. Booking both at the time of those offences would have been correct but he didn't. Guessing he showed both the yellow later for "persistent misconduct".

The free kicks against Bruno shortly after we scored were harsh in the extreme. Hope he doesn't come back soon.

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