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[Albion] The optimistic response

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basque seagull

Oct 21, 2012
I must say I’m surprised. Potter is a very clever man with a huge understanding of sports psychology and exchanging the calm onward trajectory of the Albion for the ghastly bearpit of Chelsea is an unlikely choice for me, even given the extra rewards.

The ‘top six’ will be a different and perhaps difficult challenge for him. He is a genius at masterminding football subversion: trying to impose his vision on one of the perennial entitled fat playground bullies is very different to plotting a route for the clever new kid outsider.

We are a very well run club with a five year plan and an incredible scouting system, and surviving our best players, manager and backroom staff being cherrypicked, with aplomb, is the best response to this contemptible heist.

Cheerio Potter, go and join Cucurella, White and Bissouma on the gravy train. Our next manager will be someone else you haven’t heard of, and he’ll be brilliant.

It is, of course, completely ridiculous that this tedious ‘big club/small club’ scenario exists, especially since Brighton is a far more interesting place than Chelsea, but there you go. Modern football is bollocks, but it's our bollocks, and we carry on.

25 years ago bottom of the League with no ground. Now supremely adaptable and ready for anything. A just reward for all the years we fought for the existence of our club. Onwards.

(The other response was: I loathe modern football, that's the last straw. But Archer couldn't kill my love of the Albion,and modern football won't either, so optimism is the only option!)
Wise words!

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Moshe Gariani

Mar 10, 2005
Has anyone mentioned Brian Clough or Bobby Robson on NSC today yet...?

That is my sadness. In the 70s or 80s Bloom and Potter would have taken the Albion right to the top of English football.

Would have been amazing but impossible now.

Eric the meek

Bigga balls
Aug 24, 2020
There's no loyalty in business these days.

With every manager getting sacked, the price of the next one goes up, with 20 pieces of silver in the form of pay, clauses and compensation in case they sack him next.

It would have been a little more understandable if we had been threatened with relegation, but we were in 4th place with 13 points from 6 games. It was all to play for.

It's the sense of betrayal. I know it's business, but it still leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.


1997 Club
Jul 17, 2003
South Central Southwick

Yesterday I weighed up two responses to Chelsea taking Potter and our entire back room staff. I posted one, but am now sharing the other.

That was to smile with pride at where our long fight to save our club has brought us, give my season ticket to my stepson as a pre Xmas present (he’s had it for the first three games while I revel in post Covid gigs) cycle to Falmer one last time to see the incredible stadium we fans fought for and walk away from BHAFC and modern football, never to return.

The Premier League is a rigged, predictable, grotesque travesty of what the game should be. You can come from 92nd in the League with no ground to 4th in the PL and then corporate moneymen come and take it away, with as little concern for the fans as Archer when he sold our ground behind our backs in the 90s. In January Potter will return for Caicedo, perhaps more. So what’s the point? Sport is about unpredictability, spontaneity, progression. If clever stewardship and brilliant recruitment makes you simply a feeder club for ‘the top 6’, what’s the point?
What is it? Why bother?

The point is, I guess, that I know that if I did walk away and spend the rest of my days at the grass roots, which I love, watching Whitehawk and Worthing and hoping that the day will come when I can once more help recreate a new club at Southwick, I’d miss the Albion. My friends there, the stuff modern football can never destroy, the thing we created which, in our bit of the North Stand, in our supporters’ bar where my epic poem about our fight for the club stretches across one wall, in our pre and post match beers, will live on.

Sisyphus carried on pushing that boulder, and I’ll carry on supporting BHAFC. And the really great thing is that we are so well run that even if we lose a manager and two players every season, we might just do a Leicester anyway.

We’ll see.

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