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[Music] The Infinite Jukebox


It's all about the bikes
Aug 28, 2004
Shaky Town, NZ
Saw this on another forum and thought it may be fun over here...

The song or artist you select must have at least one word in the title or artist from the previous selection.

E.g. :-
Give It Away - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
It must be Love - Madness
Can I play with madness - Iron Maiden

Remember the word can be from the previous title or artist.

I'll start you all off with :-

Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones


Super Moderator
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 5, 2003
West Sussex
Was Jilted John - Jilted John

Indeed.. thanks :thumbsup:

Can I suggest two small modifications to the rules..

1) that you don't use the same artist / band as the previous post
2) that you don't use the same common word/name as was used in the previous post... to avoid long runs of 'black' etc...
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