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St Georges day pissup downunder!


New member
Jul 7, 2003
From reading the other thread there appear to be loads of us in Australia right now, so a St Georges day pissup with us all wearing Albion colours would be awsome!

I'm only suggesting this bar cause I work there and can get cheap drinks.

Pier 26

Stumpy Tim and I will probably be definates but it would be cool if admin could make this a sticky so as many antipodean seagulls as possible know about it.

So here it is then

Friday 23rd April, Pier 26 Darling Harbour Sydney, 7:00.



New member
Mar 30, 2004
Brisbane Queensland
Love to be there, shortness of funds, and children needing food on the table gets in the way though (kids are so selfish aren't they).
Hope u have a ripper, I'll be larging it at the Wallabies (stupid name) V England RU game at Suncorp in a couple of months...not much of a shirt wearer I'm afraid, so if you have eagle eyes look out for a tiny gold seagull pin badge on a devilishly handsome man's t-shirt in the crowd...that'll be me.

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