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Sports Celebrities Who Enjoy Gambling: What are Their Favourite Games?


Did you know that the pastime of gambling can be traced at least as far back as ancient Egypt? While this passion was generally associated with nobility, there is little doubt that even the humblest of slaves enjoyed placing wagers from time to time. Casinos have certainly gained more clout over the years and analysts currently estimate that this global industry is worth in excess of $263.3 billion dollars. So, we should not be surprised that famous sports icons have likewise chosen to get in on the action. Let us look at some well-known names who are keen to place bets on occasion. You might be surprised to learn about the sheer variety of personalities.

Floyd Mayweather​

Also known as Pretty Boy Floyd, Mayweather is without a doubt one of the most well-known names in boxing. The fact that he still is not afraid to put on the gloves from time to time also makes him quite appealing to the younger generation. Mayweather is said to be a keen fan of sports betting and according to his own claims, he regularly bets on the outcomes of American football competitions.

Michael Jordan​

The king of the court is certainly no stranger to the casino community. While known to frequent brick-and-mortar establishments, it is said that Jordan also enjoys their virtual counterparts on occasion. Michael Jordan was likewise a regular fixture at many Atlantic City casinos in the past and at times, he could be seen placing single bets as high as $100,000 dollars (not entirely surprising when we consider his salary). Unlike some other sports figures, Jordan enjoys a fair amount of variety when choosing his games. From live dealer blackjack to action-packed slots, who knows where this basketball legend will pop up next? If you want to enter the world of casino games like Jordan, you can try a Razor Shark demo for free before going for the real thing.

David Bentley​

This professional English footballer was known for his stints at Arsenal, West Ham and Tottenham. Bentley even claims that he began gambling at the tender age of 14 (although this cannot be independently verified). Much like other well-paid sports personalities, he was no stranger to placing relatively large bets when playing games such as poker, blackjack and roulette. However, he has since developed a more reserved approach and now only participates for fun.

Wayne Rooney​

Wayne Rooney is a final sports celebrity who has made his way onto our list. Rooney was known for gambling during his early football career; he was not ashamed of speaking of this habit in public. He enjoyed frequenting traditional casinos and with the advent of the Internet, their digital counterparts. Much like Bentley, Rooney does not regularly participate in high-stakes tournaments anymore. However, there is little doubt that he still enjoys a few rounds of poker or blackjack on occasion.

Note that these are only four examples of the countless sports celebrities who enjoy a bit of casino-based gaming from time to time. As some keep these habits to themselves, we are left wondering how many others have embraced such an understandable passion.

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