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[Football] Southgate - go or stay?

Should Southgate go to stay?

  • Yes

  • No

Results are only viewable after voting.
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Huge Member
Oct 19, 2003
Can we have some consensus on the question in the poll?

Is it "Should Southgate go?" or "Should Southgate Stay?"

yes or no?

Tom Hark Preston Park

Will Post For Cash
Jul 6, 2003
Crazy thing this is exactly what GP was built for .
This. Shame he got greedy before he fitted snugly into an even easier, even more well-paid gig than he had at the Albion.

F*ck that low-IQ benny and his cheap trivial 'degree' from the university of nothing very much at all. I just feel a tiny wee modicum of sympathy for all those minions now left hanging on his gormless coat-tails.

Oh well :wave:


I gotta admit that I`m a little bit confused
Dec 8, 2020
Seems most on here only want him gone cos he’s “palace”. What do we do when the new guy comes in and still doesn’t pick Dunk?

Keep Southgate imo
f*** off palarse scum ...........dont reply wont be answered ................


Brighton born & bred
Oct 20, 2022
You've asked Yes or No to "should he stay or go". Yes, he should do one of those things. I don't know what "No" would mean.
Actually the thread is entitled ‘Southgate - stay or go’ which although not a full sentence is marginally ok as an abbreviated question.

However, the actual Poll question asks ‘ Should Southgate go to stay?’

This is rather more muddy and I’m not quite sure what the options would be here?

a/ in the Bahamas?
b/ in a bungalow ?
c/ indoors for an indeterminate length of time?

or none of the above?

Last edited:


Jul 5, 2003
Should stay. His record is excellent compared to what's gone before and - while it leads to some strange selection decisions at times - his loyalty and consistency does create a 'club' feel to the team. For me, the first time since 1990 where it's felt like we'd have gone on to win the whole thing if we'd got through probably the toughest game in the tournament. Very fine margins. The better team but didn't get much luck with a lousy ref at key moments and failed to take our chances,

The Seagull

Jan 17, 2021
Let’s get this right. Southgate is a mature adult and doesn’t care for our childish rivalry with Palace. Most of you posting probably do not remember him playing for palace. That is a fact and anybody thinking otherwise is probably a teenager.

He’s been the most “successful” manager England have had bar Ramsey, and you want him sacked 😂

Mr Banana

Tedious chump
Aug 8, 2005
Standing in the way of control
Go - and sounds like he will, from that interview.

The World Cup clearly gave us an injection of belief but he’s had a terrible calendar year and Wales was an outlier in terms of him changing a game. The Euro qualifiers could get ugly.

There was talk in the stands of Tuchel being brought in for the World Cup when we went 2-0 down at Wembley in September. One of many better coaches available, as long as they can learn from Southgate’s management off the pitch.

Hard to imagine Southgate doing well at any major club side in England, and possibly very little demand for him aside from good PR. Keep him around the national squad or make him technical director?

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