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shall i own up?

big nuts

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Jan 15, 2011
Some reviews of the musical and parts 1 & 2 of the new Fireman Dan movie release.

"Simply astounding" Lookin

"Best Rom-Com - since there's something about Mary" - Readers Digest

"Your laugh your cry your wet your pants" - Which Mobile?

"London's burning meets Misery" Hopscotch Monthly


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May 9, 2008
Chiddingly, United Kingdom
Erm....Manila is capital of The PHILIPPINES not Thailand

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok....which is more apt in this case...Bang_kok

Anyway pay more attention in class

Walsall is not in Poland either.

Oooopppsss! That will teach me to post after a glass or two too many of the old vino - extra lessons wasn't even very funny!


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Jan 11, 2006
Haywards Heath
This has to be gold. One of the best threads i've ever read on NSC.

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