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[Albion] Roberto De Zerbi To Leave Albion After Tomorrow's Game


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Jun 6, 2020
No surprise about this, he appears to have been sulking for months because we wouldn't give him the budget of Barcelona, we are Brighton FFS.


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Feb 26, 2009
This is the way I see it.

I don't remember another example, where a club agrees a parting with manager A, recruits manager B, but continues to employ and pay manager A in the hope of negotiating compensation with manager A's future employer.

In addition to never hearing of it happening, I still don't think it makes sense from our point of view. We're then effectively paying for 2 sets of managers and coaching staff at the same time. In addition, our negotiating position is fatally weakened. The other club know we're not keeping him.

I've still no idea why we have agreed to this.

That is basically what happens when someone is placed on gardening leave e.g Dan Ashworth

Jimmy Grimble

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Given the clubs succession mantra - doesn’t everyone expect we will have a new coach in about 48 hours. Bloom/Barber don’t mess around. No way will they have announced this - with a plan to spend the summer interviewing candidates.

New coach in this week. New signings to follow. BAU.
My post wasn’t to do with managerial succession planning. I agree with what you say there. It was referring to what it says about our ambition in terms of player targets this summer. The squad is at a crossroads.


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Jul 22, 2003
Bayern want him according to Times; story was going to leak so they preempted:

"Roberto De Zerbi will leave Brighton & Hove Albion after their game with Manchester United and is in talks with Bayern Munich to become their new head coach."
And here is the German press



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Jan 27, 2014
Yet another manager who thinks we cannot break through the glass ceiling
we are BHAFC we have a style any coaches coming to this club will be told that and expected to work within that.
Thank you Roberto for your excellent efforts in organisation and motivation and good luck for your future at Juventus

Clive Walker

Stand Or Fall
Jul 5, 2011
Heard that RDZ to Man U was nailed on last week. Dismissed it really.

He’s now 6/4 fav

Tom Hark Preston Park

Will Post For Cash
Jul 6, 2003
Me thinks you are taking this a bit too personally. If not, then you just have a weird agenda against TB. And we know where that leads…….
Why would you not feel very strongly that the club you love appears to care more about its operating profit than it does about harbouring any ambitions in the game? RDZ was challenging the board on all our behalfs. We won't be seeing his likes again for a while :down:


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Sep 28, 2011
Too soon.

It took me months to get over Chrissie Hught's sacking.
This one is on the same level.

Will learn to love the next manager eventually, but right now, I'm in mourning,


Todd Warrior
Sep 16, 2005
I am:
  • not remotely surprised generally
  • surprised by the timing
  • annoyed and disappointed
  • grateful for what he brought us
Him being a bit of a headbanger is a key part of his success.

I wish he could have stayed a further season, but have little doubt that the club is miles ahead in terms of a replacement.

Paulie Gualtieri

Bada Bing
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May 8, 2018
Makes a bit of a joke of the fans forum
It wasn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last FF we’re bollocks is spoken.

It’s quite clear something has happened with Bayern in the last 48 hours.

I suspect an enhanced budget offered to RDZ came with strings, new contract and higher release clause to protect the investment of “his players” if he walked. I suspect they couldn’t agree

Green Cross Code Man

Wunt be druv
Mar 30, 2006
De Zerbi and Bielsa. Both innovative managers who have made great tactical improvements to the game. Like football clubs, they have their ceilings.

Leeds kept Bielsa for one season too long and got relegated. TB and PB are not making the same mistake. Just reflect on our results so far in 2024.
A lot of very extenuating circumstances though.


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Sep 28, 2011
Heard that RDZ to Man U was nailed on last week. Dismissed it really.

He’s now 6/4 fav
Can't see it.

If Man u were sniffing around we would hav ehung on for the easy compo whilst lining up our next manager.

This feels like a convenient separation for RDZ to go to a club (not Prem) who would balk at the compo fee.

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