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[Albion] Roberto De Zerbi - JOINS AS NEW HEAD COACH (4 year contract)

Albion and Premier League latest from Sky Sports

Oct 27, 2004
Good spot.

A further search on Google highlights the following.
The tweet embedded in the article is a journalist with 145k followers.
Unlike Chelsea I suspect we’ll conduct our selection with more diligence by interviewing a shortlist like most good businesses would do.
But it sounds like this guy is one of the shortlisted candidates.
And he’s available to having left Shaktar in May.
Sounds a decent guy too. He stayed on in Ukraine until his players were safe and rejected offers to join Bologna out of respect for the manager who had just been sacked.


Jul 5, 2003
This one feels sexier than knutty, and he's mates with pep.

I'm team de zerbi.

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American Seagle

Jun 14, 2022
Personally he looks a good fit. Plays lovely soccer.
But surely if people are dismissing Nathan Jones due to his bad spell at Stoke does De Zebri's bad spell (arguably worse than Jones spell at Stoke) not discount him?

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