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(Riverside) Mike Dean


Oct 2, 2003
It seems he reacted to the injury rather than the tackle. It was never a red card. The player was unlucky to get such a severe injury from that kind of tackle. Mike Dean has a yellow card out initially, the player showed his injury, and Mike Dean changed his mind and produced a red.


Feb 16, 2011
Ref caved to pressure from players and the crowd. He knew it was a yellow, blood doesn't change the tackle and it shouldn't change the card he intends to give.

Weak refereeing IMO.


Dec 21, 2011
He favoured Ayala throughout the second half and his swap of a yellow for a red when Ramirez waved the cut at him was as fine an example of a referee judging the outcome not the offence that you will ever see. I am not sure that we would have got the winner with eleven, but it was a key moment which stopped the impetus swinging to us. His performance was nearly as bad as our first half one.


Jan 20, 2012
Might be rescinded?

Wishful thinking. Serious foul play, i.e. using excessive force, is a red card offence...regardless of whether the player wins the ball. Breaking the skin like that clearly falls under that category.

That said, their player was wrong to swipe the yellow card out of Dean's hand. That shows a degree of weakness on the ref's part.

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