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[Albion] Ref today

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Hugo Rune

Feb 23, 2012
Aston Villa will be signing with relief as their time wasting anti-football tactics will continue unabated!

The Premier League have no interest in cracking down on this blatant cheating. It’s almost confirmation that Villa will avoid relegation this season.


Super Moderator
All-powerful Moderator
Jul 5, 2003
West Sussex

The two most blatant examples being time wasting, and the 'take one for the team' pull back / foul near the half way line to prevent a fast break and goal scoring opportunity.

it is not difficult to remove the reward element of killing the game / denying an opportunity.

Time wasting - first team occurrence - a yellow card. Second and subsequent - STRAIGHT RED. There is no excuse for it, it spoils the game - and this would stop it.

Denying a break / goal scoring opportunity - a yellow card, and the free kick awarded anywhere outside the box - i.e. give the attacking team at least the chance of a goal scoring opportunity.
Something that has been apparent in the World Cup is the serious risk of suspension that players run for getting yellow cards.

Maybe what we need to cut down on this repeated offending in the Premier League is for yellow cards to actually matter.

A one match suspension after three yellows? Maybe the cheap yellows for time-wasting / deliberate fouls would dry up a bit?

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